Choices in trendy makeup bags today are numerous. It can be difficult to narrow down what you need with so many great bags to choose from. When you determine what you really need in a makeup bag, the choice is easier. Considering the following information will help you figure out which bag is best for your own personal needs.

Keep Things Simple

You can keep it simple by remembering that your makeup on the go is for touch ups, not a complete makeover. You don’t need every piece of makeup and every beauty tool that you own. Good products that have been properly applied will last all day. You will only need an occasional touch up throughout your day. Your makeup bag should reflect this in its size. By scaling down what you carry, you will be able to have a makeup bag that will easily fit into your everyday bag.

The Basics

What you carry in your makeup bag is your choice, but there are a few basics that everyone will need. Your well-stocked bag should contain:

  • A purse size fragrance
  • Concealer
  • Blotting paper (for oily skin)
  • Nail file
  • Small hand cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Mirror
  • Pressed powder

Eye makeup and beauty tools like makeup brushes or eyelash curlers should not be necessary to carry with you unless you are taking a trip. If you work out you should consider keeping an extra set of beauty essentials in your locker. For most everyday situations, only a few items are needed to get through the day.

Hot Colors in Trendy Makeup Bags

Go for greens if you want the hottest color trend for this year. Any shade of green will do, pick your favorite and you’ll be is style. Also, popular this year are shades of wine or purple. Metallic gold or silver add a stylish touch to any color in trendy makeup bags. Of course, black or white are colors that are timeless and always in style.


Besides a reasonable size, you will want a trendy makeup bag that is easy to keep clean. Vinyl, PVC or washable fabrics are a good idea just in case of an accidental spill. Clear plastic or mesh bags are easy to keep clean and make finding specific items much simpler.

Some trendy makeup bags have several compartments or mesh pockets, so you can keep your beauty supplies organized. Zippers or snap closures are a better choice than a fold over flap to keep the contents of your makeup bag from dumping all over your handbag.

Where to Purchase Trendy Makeup Bags

Funky Chunky Handbags has been featured in magazines like Self, Family Circle, Cottage Living and Celebrity Living. Specializing in funky, hard to find fashions, you will find an awesome selection of trendy makeup bags. Choose from designers like Stephanie Johnson, Nick and Nora and more.

You’ve probably seen Melissa Beth Designs featured in many of your favorite magazines. Best known for stylish laptop totes, they also have some wonderful, trendy makeup bags. Their Kiss and Makeup line of bags comes in six hot colors. Features include removable inside pouches and custom brush holders. This is the perfect case for all of your makeup and accessories when you need more than just the basics for only $48.

Sephora has an amazing selection of trendy makeup bags, cases and totes. From the clear signature bag for only $4 to the Sephora signature double handled makeup bag for $35 you will find what you need here. In fact, there are too many goodies here to stop at makeup bags. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Final Word

Here is a fun idea. Design your own trendy makeup bag! At Bari J you can do just that for only $16, or choose a readymade makeup bag. They have an incredible array of fabrics and vintage or modern embellishments, so your bag will reflect your own personal style. Design a coordinating handbag and you are set.