In generations past, menswear stereotypes were set forth authoritatively as obligatory. Today, however, changes in menswear seems to transition faster than a subway turnstile in New York City at rush hour. Although, for most conservative American men, change in style is not always met with contentment.

Let’s face it, self-expression is a good thing but society has established codes of masculinity and style that most men feel comfortable abiding by day-to-day.

I have to tell you, that upon reviewing men’s fashion week last fall, I was, for the most part, utterly underwhelmed. I felt as if brands were shoving the idea of gender-neutral style down my throat. Even luxury menswear brands in showing in Milan and Paris showcased men parading down the runway in skirts, dresses, high-heels and make-up! Seriously. Give me a break!

Call me old-fashioned or just plain old but I find it truly embarrassing to present this crap to men under the auspice of great change. Bull. It is not happening now and might not ever happen. Men dress like men and they prefer to dress that way. Basta. Many times, at fashion shows and events, I get an eery feeling as if an unknown creepy cult is promoting this bizarre agenda. And they wonder why sales are low?

More to the point, men’s footwear aims at introducing young professionals to footwear that provides comfort without compromising style. In short, new models appear to be a shoe on the outside but feel like the most comfortable sneaker on the inside. Product offerings today aim at introducing young professionals to footwear that provides comfort without compromising style. Sneakers that have a racy feel and even a handful of cool ankle boots – many designed and manufactured with sustainable efforts in mind.


Amberjack-Amberjack, a men’s dress shoe line aimed at introducing young professionals to footwear that provides comfort without compromising style. Each Amberjack shoe is made with proprietary comfort science; pre-stretched A-grade full grain leather, silk soft antimicrobial lining, heat activated arch support, shock absorbing EVA cushion, and a mechanically designed dual density outsole.

B-Runner sneakers B-Runner’s easy-to-wear and light design is designed to complement both sporty and more classic Balmain looks, with the sneaker being an ideal shape and weight for each part of the day—from hikes in the hills and commutes through the urban jungle to today’s new reality of teleconferencing from the kitchen table. B-Runner’s fresh new low-top offering is an ideal lightweight, flexible and breathable everyday addition to the ensemble of every Balmain Army recruit.

Bijan Leather Sneakers

Made using perforated leather and deerskin detailing, these luxurious sneakers will keep you looking fresh all winter long.


The Stalon features side elastic panels on the shaft and a loop at the back, which has been combined with a rugged urban sole to make this a solid yet fashionable boot.

Birkenstock-The Stalon from BIRKENSTOCK is the best boot for the modern man.  BIRKENSTOCK’s version of the Chelsea boot combines style with comfort that easily translate from day to night. The water-repellant oiled nubuck leather keeps you ready for any terrain whether walking to work or taking a hike.


CANALI-The Wool Knit Runners are the best sneaker for the everyday man. They are the lightweight and practical choice keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Every detail of the sneaker is meant to add an incomparable softness and elegance to your daily look and express the personality of the wearer.


Courser is breaking from convention combining athletic style and luxury to create a never before seen third space in the sneaker category: Hyper-luxe. Each pair is handmade in Italy by the most sought-after craftsmen utilizing cutting edge technologies and materials. With Courser shoes, you can wear them day after day with no rebound. Courser shoes last around 2500 miles (while most shoes last 300-440 miles) 100% Carbon fiber optimizing performance for a superior ride, better biomechanics, and reduced injury risk (most shoes are 6-8%) Courser’s midsole/outsole is revolutionary, utilizing a breakthrough compound that provides a cushioned ride with virtually no compression.


Taking into consideration their Canadian roots, the Catan twins designed sleek leather ankle boots, for their Fall/Winter 20 collection, creating the ultimate go-to for fashionable but practical winter weather dressing.

8 by YOOX

These black, leather Chelsea boots from 8 by YOOX are the coolest staple all winter long. Pair them with a pair of your favorite distressed denim, a graphic tee and cool jacket for an edgy look.

Golden Goose

Golden Goose-Inspired by rock icons’ dressing, these luxurious ankle boots are made of precious cow leather. These are an essential for winter thanks to their versatility and elegance.


Run for it in ICEBERG’s Men’s paneled sneaker. Suede panel detailing in blue, gray, and black with a fuchsia pink stripe on each side and chunky charcoal gray sole with deep tread finish with a cushioned charcoal heel and silver ICEBERG logo.


The KEEN UNEEK Premium Leather shoe is part huarache, part sneaker, and pure luxe. Continuing their tradition of making hybrid sneaker sandals, they elevated their UNEEK by weaving two premium leather cords into a men’s sandal like no other. KEEN used environmentally preferred leather, hand-selected for its smooth grain, and rolled into a continuous cord for enhanced durability and longevity.