Indulge in The Most Comfortable AllBirds Shoes

If you love high-quality and sustainably sourced footwear and apparel, then AllBirds is all you need! 

The first thing I tell people when they visit me in San Francisco is, “Bring comfortable walking shoes.” And if I had found these ridiculously soft, comfortable, and stylish shoes earlier in life, I would have mentioned every time — and my first couple of years of my on-foot commute would have been much better.

The creation of AllBirds started off as a simple question: Why was something as sustainable as merino wool virtually absent in the footwear industry? A native of New Zealand, founder Tim Brown decided to answer the query himself by creating his own shoe brand.

After years of researching and experimenting, he formulated a revolutionary type of fabric that he believed would change the sneaker game. Established in 2014 in San Francisco, AllBirds took off flying with help of Brown’s business partner, Joey Zwillinger.

I’m talking about AllBirds, the wool-made shoe that I can’t recommend enough, especially for people who walk a lot. AllBirds, which is headquartered in San Francisco, currently has two styles: a sneaker called the Wool Runner and a slip-on shoe called the Wool Lounger. Yes, each is really made of wool, and the design is so well executed and the fit is so comfortable that it feels like you’re walking on plush carpet.

There’s no rough period of having to break the shoes in, no poking and prodding in the wrong places, and absolutely no chance of your feet getting sore. I could (and do) wear these for hours on end.

Men’s Wool Runners

The Men’s Wool Runners offer more customizability for wearers in terms of color. You also can’t breeze past the fact that their midsoles are made out of sugarcane—which is virtually unheard of within the footwear industry. It was marked as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2018. These sneakers are built to last long city walks, nature hikes, and even the skate park.

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AllBirds Wool Piper

Unconverted buyers frequently complain that the original Runners aren’t their style. But it’s difficult to criticise the Wool Piper, an AllBirds-sized rendition of a traditional cup sole shoe.

The shoes are just as comfy and low-maintenance as other AllBirds models, and they’re made with the same sustainable materials (merino wool and SweetFoam soles). Still, the low tops are significantly more adaptable. As a result, the Wool Pipers could be our favourite pair yet.

In-person, they’re comfy right out of the box; however, one of us was irritated after a long weekend in a brand-new pair. We expect them to loosen into a custom-fit over time, similar to the Runners.

AllBirds Wool Loungers

Are your house slippers cosy and comfy? Do you want to wear your house slippers outdoors as well?

Introducing the AllBirds Wool Loungers! These are the comfiest shoes you’ll ever put on. They feel like your old house slippers, which you can never get rid of. The wool loungers feel like socks and lets you move flexibly.

AllBirds Dasher

The AllBirds Dasher shoes were the first-ever performance shoes launched by the brand. These are great running shoes, ideal for everyday casual wear.

The Dasher shoes feature all the signature materials of AllBirds: merino wool, SweetFoam soles, and the knit made from eucalyptus pulp. This sole offers a unique kind of stability to your feet, and the upper knit offers breathability and maximum movement. The cushioning of the Dasher is likely its best attribute.

It’s more visible than an essential running shoe, but it’s not as bulky or cushioned as the Hoka One One. That, paired with a wide platform that provides good stability on a variety of terrains, results in a comfortable and stable ride practically anyplace.

AllBirds Tree Breezers

The AllBirds Tree Breezers are the perfect summer flats you will ever need. These ballet flats are flexible and breathable, your ideal companion on all the adventures.

The Tree fabric used in the Tree Breezers holds its shape over the time period.

AllBirds Tree Runner

The Tree series from AllBirds is created from a sustainable, mesh-like material developed with eucalyptus pulp. As a result, the shoes are more cooling and breathable than the company’s previous offerings.

The Tree Runners are essentially a lighter version of the Wool Runners, with a sturdier structure that holds its shape. They remain extraordinarily comfy and low-maintenance. We rely on them for work, weekends, and travel, and many of us prefer the tree material to wool since it appears to last longer.

AllBirds Tree Skippers

These shoes are cooling, breathable, and supports your feet on the run. Whether in a festival or a farmers’ market, these AllBirds shoes will give you maximum mobility. The added lace feature helps you run around with an excellent grip.

AllBirds Tree Toppers

We love AllBirds’ Tree Toppers. They have the same “light airiness as the Tree Runners, but are cushioned enough to wear around in New York City on a dreary November day.” They fit snugly and support without being constrictive or bulky, and we didn’t experience any chafing while wearing them without socks.

They’re formally known as high-tops, but they’re better defined as mid-tops.

AllBirds Tree Loungers

 The Tree Loungers from AllBirds are a lighter version of the Wool Loungers, firmer and more absorbent than your usual house slipper. If you want something a little warmer, we recommend the Wool Runners. We recommend the Tree Loungers if you prefer a more cooling material.

AllBirds Mizzle

 Isn’t it just so frustrating when you accidentally step in a puddle on rainy days? But you don’t have to worry anymore! The AllBirds Mizzle is made from a special water-resistant material that deflects raindrops or anything liquid. And the soles have an anti-slipping material that gives you a better grip on slippery surfaces.

We’ve noted through customer reviews that the Mizzles are the go-to shoes for people who are always on the run, even on rainy days. The merino wool will keep your feet warm and toasty on cold days.

The Final Verdict

AllBirds is popular for its signature materials and fabric that sets it apart from the competition. If you are willing to invest in comfortable and durable footwear and apparel, then AllBirds would be just perfect for you!