Lately, blankets that double as hoodies have become very popular among everyone. They offer the warmth of a real blanket but also the comfort of a hoodie! There have been so many options to choose from, like The Oodie.  The Oodie brand runs in Australia but offers a selection of Oodie’s on their other country sites. The Oodie is an oversized hooded blanket that anyone can use for comfort! Just like the rest, they offer a one-size fits most with different styles. You can use this wearable blanket while chilling with friends or family, indoors or outdoors, playing video games or watching movies — or doing almost anything! So, it’s wise to choose the option that you’ll look great in, you’ll feel very comfortable in, and that offers a way to store essentials wherever you choose to wear it.


The Oodie uses a soft flannel fleece exterior that keeps you feeling warm and protected from the cold. The interior uses Sherpa lined fleece – which is close to the feeling of sheep’s fleece! They claim that their fleece is a durable polyester fabric that holds in warmth. The Oodie is machine washable.

The comfy clothing experts have of course thrown their hat into the ring of hooded blanket goodness, and their offering includes three understated patterns that are available in a S/M or M/L size. Each one has a comfy, oversized fit; and they’re double layered for extra warmth. There’s a kangaroo pocket on the front, and if you reverse the design, you can wear the cosy Sherpa fleece on the outside. As a bonus, the Softies are made with recycled polyester, so you can feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, too.

Styles & Designs

The Oodie does offer many different styles. On their US site, they offer only two solid color Oodies – Pink and Grey. They do offer more fun styles like, the Corgi Oodie, Koala Oodie, Otter Oodie, and more. These all come in the same one-size-fits most and at a length that does not touch the floor. You can also purchase a pack of Oodies of different styles, if buying for many people. They also feature a pocket in the front so your hands can feel warm too.

Available in five designs (black, blue, grey, pink or red), the Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt is just about the cheapest hooded blanket you’ll find on the internet. For that low price though, you’ll still find that it’s a great buy: it has micro fleece on the outside and super plush Sherpa lining on the inside, which will maintain your perfect degree of toastiness. The kangaroo front pocket is as oversized as the hoodie itself – go ahead and store your phone, snacks, TV remote, and whatever else you might need as you mooch about at home. The one-size-fits-all design will suit the whole family, and as a bonus, it’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

From tie-dyes to Harry Potter prints, the official Oodie store has it all. Their teen and adult-sized Oodies are roughly the size of a 6XL hoodie, so they’ll fit most people aged 13 and up with ease. No matter your personal taste, there’s an Oodie that you’ll love – from plain block colours like pink and navy; to adorable prints featuring koalas or cats; to cartoonised versions of your favourite characters from Friends or Mickey Mouse.

The wide range of designs isn’t the only thing that puts Oodies a step above their competitors – they also offer free shipping and returns for all Australian orders, and a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. Their designs are made with soft flannel fleece outers and warm Sherpa fleece inners, are 100 per cent cruelty-free, and additionally are machine washable.


Oodies are only available in two sizes: adults or kids. The adult-sized Oodies, suitable for those aged 13 and up are around the size of a 6XL hoodie, whereas kids Oodies are ideal for three- to 13-year-olds. If you’re particularly tall, you may need to pair them with some trackies for modesty, otherwise you can happily strut around all winter long wearing nothing but your Oodie!

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The Bottom Line

At first glance they might not seem like the next “big thing”, but the beauty of a hooded blanket lies in its simplicity. In winter, there’s nothing more soothing than rugging up in your fluffiest, warmest blanket, and a blanket hoodie simply adds to that experience by making the blanket wearable and slapping on a pocket. It’s genius – and the hundreds of glowing reviews only serve to confirm that, with people calling them “literally the best thing I’ve ever spent money on” and “the best thing that has ever happened to me”.

If you bought a Oodie, you can absolutely throw it in the washing machine to make cleaning easy. Ensure you set a gentle cycle using mild detergents that are safe for wool or silks. For maximum durability, you should wash your Oodie by hand. It’s also important to know that Oodies are air-dry only – don’t you go throwing yours in the tumble dryer!