Since we’ve entered Spring, we’ll be starting to turn over our closets and adding new clothes to fit the newest fashion trends of the season. And why should it be any different for our kids? For this 2022 season, comfort will be prioritized and there are a multiplicity of styles and trends that will make you and your child excited to shop! But before you go decide on anything, make sure to read this article on 11 Popular Spring 2022 Fashion Trends for Kids.

Colors for Spring 2022

Before we even start looking at trends, we have to explore the color palette that will be most favourable this fashion season. We’re expecting some of the popular color schemes to be pastels and neutrals as well as light and bright colors!

Oversized Shirts and Sweatshirts Perfect for Kids

This is a comfortable trend that is super easy and one that your child will love! Oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts with big sleeves will be seen often this season. You can find such styles at places like GAP which has items such as the pink or blue oversized crew neck that embodies the bright aspect of this season’s color palette! Old Navy is another great store that has simplistic oversized items for kids!

Prints Kids will Love

Prints are a great way to brighten up an outfit as well as express your child’s interests and identity! A bunch of stores like Rockets of Awesome, Lola and The Boys and Maisonette have amazing styles with a variety of prints. For example, there are varying designs of animals, food, flowers and so on so every child is sure to find something they love!


Just like layering has been popular among adults, it’s making a presence in kid’s fashion as well! This is a good way to stay warm during the chilly spring days that we’ve been experiencing lately! It’s also very easy to pair things together and create a casual yet fashionable outfit. You can find undershirts or thin long sleeves in stores like Gap or H&M which are great items that give a good base for layering!

Shoes for Spring 2022: Comfort Over All Else!

This year’s fashionable style is all about comfort. There is no longer going to be any type of heel or narrow toe cap for children’s shoes. Velcro is also going to be seen in girls’ shoes this season as well as prints like flowers, polka dots and so on. Anything comfortable or slip on like crocs, sandals or Birkenstock’s will keep your child in style! Check out stores like Journeys Kidz or Target to see some interesting styles that reflect this year’s trends.

Parachute Hood

Spring 2022 styles are going to be linked with the fashion trends seen in the 80s. These pieces are going to look a bit like space suits where designers are using light and soft hoods. Maisonette has beautiful lightweight items with the parachute hood. Check out Columbia’s own light weight jacket with a parachute hood that will protect your kids from both rain and wind!

Sports Ties

Something that we’ll see this season is a lot more adjustable drawstrings on children’s clothing such as on a hood, sleeve, or hem. It’s a great mix between casual, urban and sporty. This is more of a decorative style that plays a part into the idea of comfort with this season’s fashion trends.

High-Waisted Cropped Jacket

Along with layering, a high-waisted cropped jacket can really help put an outfit together. Gap Kids has some really great items such as their denim cropped jacket with fur lining the inside. Nike also has great styles of cropped jackets that will be super comfortable for kids and expressive in their differing colors.

Joggers and Cargo Pants

Again, we see the recurring trend of comfort coming back in another form- this time in joggers and cargo pants! These items won’t restrict movement and will allow your child to be prepared for anything, whether that’s a restaurant or breaking into a game of tag with a friend! You’ll find some great options at places like Target, Old Navy and Kohl’s!

Co-ords or Matching Sets

Here’s another style that will be trending this Spring 2022! Two-piece outfits like t-shirts and leggings or jumpers will be seen. T.J. Maxx has a bunch of really colourful co-ords great for any child’s comfort. Likewise, H&M has a variety of different types of 2-piece items such as a floral shirt and shorts as well as a duo of biker shorts and an oversized t-shirt with a print on the front. These mixed styles is sure to make this season’s fashion exciting!

Button Clasps

This is another decorative style that incorporates a sporty element to a girl’s casual wardrobe. The buttons are light and super convenient. It’s also great for kids because it won’t get in their way!