“LILYSILK: Pure Silk Elegance for Ultimate Comfort and Style”

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New Customer Offer! Get 15% Off Your First Order

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    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $19.99

    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $19.99
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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $26

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $26
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  • LilySilk is a sustainable, direct-to-consumer fashion and leisure business whose goods are manufactured from natural, eco-friendly materials. Its extensive selection of goods includes clothing for adults, children, and even pets, as well as accessories, bedding, and sleepwear.

    This LilySilk review didn’t have to travel very far to discover media coverage on the China-based company: it’s been discussed in prestigious periodicals including Shape, Business Insider, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Bustle, Essence, Vogue, and Prevention.

    LilySilk has amassed a following of 165K on Instagram thanks to positive feedback from several fashion and beauty celebrities.

    Desiring the silk’s plush texture? This LilySilk review will look closely at the firm, its top sellers, customer feedback, special offers, and more to see whether this proudly eco-friendly fashion manufacturer is keeping its promise to produce high-quality clothing using sustainable practices.

    An established figure in the French silk sector, Lily Lin started LilySilk in 2010. Lin made the decision to provide high-quality, ethically produced silk products at competitive costs after seeing firsthand how silk shops mark up their products to scam the buyer while paying the employees who made their things appallingly low salaries.

    Despite having its worldwide headquarters in Nanjing and being established in China, LilySilk openly opposes the high-pollution fast-fashion production model that is so popular there by obtaining its silk organically from water- and pesticide-efficient mulberry plants. The items of the company have received clean and toxin-free certification from the renowned organization OEKO-TEX.

    With more than a dozen regional offices and shipping hubs located in Europe, Asia, and the US during the course of its more than ten years in operation, LilySilk has developed into a truly global brand.

    While the company doesn’t explicitly disclose its production methods, it talks the social responsibility talk by referring to its “talented silk workers” and charitable donations made locally in China.

    That’s the brand’s overall image; the next step in our LilySilk review will be to start weaving in the specifics. Let’s start with some of this company’s most salient features.


    1. LilySilk offers a wide selection of premium, ethically and organically sourced silk clothes for adults, children, and babies.
    2. A sizable selection of intimates and sleepwear, including silk underwear from LilySilk.
    3. Additionally, the brand sells a range of silk-based personal care items, including LilySilk silk beauty cocoons for washing the face, handkerchiefs, and detergents.
    4. 60-day money-back promise.
    5. For orders of $99 or more, PayPal credit payments are available with no interest for 6 months.
    6. When you join our email list, you will receive 10% off your subsequent order.
    7. Orders $50 or more qualify for free delivery worldwide.

    This business offers a wide selection of exquisitely made, high-quality clothing for both everyday use and special events, including LilySilk silk dresses, skirts, sweaters, and T-shirts.

    However, I’m going to concentrate on the bedroom for the sake of this LilySilk review by examining some of the company’s most popular bedding and sleepwear.

    Want a luxurious place to lay your worn-out head? This LilySilk review features some of the company’s best-selling pillowcases below for your enjoyment…

    Own your status as a princess—no there’s shame in it! The 19 Momme Silk Pillowcase With Ruffle Trim with Hidden Zipper is constructed of 100% mulberry silk and offers a sweeter alternative to the above no-frills pillowcase.

    The LilySilk pillowcase features seven more colors in addition to pink, the traditional princess hue, so you may match it to your personal style. Whichever color you choose, you’ll have to pay $42 for it.

    Whether they are concealed or not, zippers on pillows occasionally offer you an uncomfortably jabby little surprise when you roll about as you slumber. The 19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase retains all the lovely smoothness and softness of that exquisite silk while swapping out the zip for a straightforward envelope clasp.

    There are 16 colors available here, however keep in mind that only the solid-colored casings carry the OEKO-TEX seal of approval. Expect to pay between $27 and $39 for your LilySilk envelope pillow case, since costs vary depending on tint.

    Mornings with a bedhead getting you down? With the 19 Momme Terse Silk Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper, you may sincerely declare, “I woke up this way.” No matter how much flipping and tossing you do, this 400 thread-count case’s delightfully smooth surface prevents your hair from turning into a bird’s nest overnight.

    This case comes in a rainbow of 20 different colors and three different sizes (normal, queen, and king). Depending on the color you choose, you may expect to pay anywhere from $27 and $41 for it.

    It’s time to get some LilySilk bedding to go with your pillows. Below, we highlight three of the company’s best-selling bedroom necessities…

    Even if you can’t actually sleep on a cloud, this could be a close substitute. The 19 Momme Seamless Silk Fitted Sheet glides easily over your mattress, caressing your skin all night with the sensual touch of silk.

    This fitted sheet is offered in five sizes (twin, king, California king, queen, and full) and comes in 12 solid color options; all but the undyed natural golden variation from the company’s Lilyáurea line, which retails for $175, are available.

    Matching LilySilk linens are available to complete your bed set and start at $155 each.

    The 22 Momme Silk Bedskirt will give your bed that final touch of elegance. This attractive, semi-ruffled drape is made of 14 inches of fine cotton and mulberry silk.

    It comes in six colors and all sizes, ranging from twin to extra-large (black, white, natural white, silver blue, bright coffee, and charcoal purple). The cost is $188.

    With the 19 Momme Seamless Silk Duvet Cover, you can complete your sleeping cocoon of comfort. It is carefully cut from a single piece of silk and has an inside knot at each corner and a zip closure so you can secure the duvet and keep it from curling up into a ball once it is inside the cover.

    The 19 Momme Seamless Silk Duvet Cover is offered in 12 colors and is available in sizes ranging from twin to California king. It costs $265 at retail (add $20 more if you choose the Lilyáurea undyed natural golden).

    It’s time to get ready for bed now that you’ve made your bed. The bestselling PJs from the company are covered in the next section of our LilySilk review.

    You may also check out a variety of lovely LilySilk silk nightgown and robe sets if the entire tops-and-bottoms look isn’t your style.

    The 22 Momme Chic Trimmed Silk Pajamas Set strikes the ideal balance between style and comfort. Shiny mother-of-pearl buttons for the top clasp and satin piping embellishments go well with the plush, skin-soothing silk.

    These lovely LilySilk pajamas come in 16 hues ranging from basic white to canary yellow to stunning soft purple and are available in sizes XS to 3X. The very best? If you move quickly, you may benefit from a really great deal: these pajamas are presently on sale for $212, reduced from $289.

    Utilize the 22 Momme Full-Length Silk Pajamas Set to relax in opulent fashion. This variant ditches the offset elements of the Chic PJs described above in favor of all-over color that extends all the way to the buttons for a more streamlined appearance.

    These full-length LilySilk silk pajamas are currently discounted from $255 to $189 and are available in the same size and color options as its Chic counterparts.

    Nothing prevents men from enjoying a little luxury in the same way as women. The 22 Momme Long Silk Pajamas Set is a trendy, airily loose-fitting sleep outfit that gives you the air of a sophisticated, worldly guy while you secretly swoon over the wonderful touch of silk on your skin.

    These pajamas are available in nine different colors and sizes XS to XXXL; the lighter colors particularly highlight the exquisite piping embellishments on the front fastening, pockets, and cuffs. You may add your monogram for $25 if you want to add a little additional flair.

    The Lilyáurea undyed natural golden version is $305, but these pajamas are presently on sale for $210 (regularly $285).

    Finding the ideal white button-down may be difficult, but LilySilk’s Basic Concealed Placket Silk Shirt meets all of our requirements: it is soft on the skin, fits the body like a glove, and goes well with both jeans and a suit.

    This long-sleeved shirt is made completely of premium Mulberry silk and is OEKO-TEX Certified, ensuring it is free of dangerous chemicals that might affect those with more sensitive skin.

    The mother-of-pearl buttoned Basic Concealed Placket Silk Shirt costs a modest $95 and comes with them. They are perfectly hidden by a small lip of glossy material.

    If you know you’ll wear it to work nearly every day, get one and receive a second at a 40% discount.

    The result of this special partnership between LilySilk and Japanese photographer and filmmaker Mika Ninagawa is a brand-new pattern that depicts several facets of the lily, the flower that serves as the company’s symbol.

    In a motivational statement, the artist Ninagawa remarked, “This collaboration infuses art and imagination through a celebration of flowers and silk. Both LILYSILK and myself share an appreciation for nature’s beauty and vitality, and our unique creative vision is expressed in every design of this special collection.

    I hope more people will experience the benefits of LILYSILK’s premium silk and be inspired to ‘Live Spectacularly.’”

    This collection, which includes a variety of apparel, pajamas, and bedding, is something you shouldn’t pass up. Together, let’s look at a few various products.

    With the introduction of the Exclusive Lily Chrysanthemum Silk Shirt, LilySilk has given us another incentive to wear our favorite lightweight blouses during the spring and summer.

    This shirt is made of 100% Grade 6A Mulberry silk from LilySilk and feels airy and light on the skin. It includes vibrantly colored chrysanthemums and lilies with a loose fit that makes it ideal for wearing to a laid-back brunch.

    This shirt costs $185 and comes in sizes XS to XXL. For an additional $30, you may have the size changed.

    You could see rich purples, blues, and starry white when you think of the night sky. These lullaby-like tones are combined in the dreamy Lisianthus Hydrangea Pajama Set to create a glossy pajama set that will lull you to sleep unlike anything else.

    The azure blue and royal purple blossoms that Ninagawa captured make for a stunning combination. The 100% Grade 6A Mulberry silk fabric of this set, which comes in sizes XS to XXL, will help you relax.

    The Lisianthus Hydrangea Pajama Set is $299 and can be made to any size for an additional $30.

    2021 Egyptian cotton is in. Who wouldn’t like to drift off to sleep in 100% 19 momme pure long stranded Mulberry silk? Did I mention that there are 400 threads?

    The Exclusive 4-Piece Fitted Sheet Set, a highlight in the LilySilk X Mika Ninagawa line, is available in four unique patterns: lily chrysanthemum, plum blossom, wisteria, and rose orchid (pictured above).

    One 19 momme silk fitted sheet, one 19 momme silk duvet cover, and two 19 momme silk zippered pillowcases are included in the set. Even better, because every item is inherently hypoallergenic, you and your house visitors may rest well regardless of your allergies.

    The Exclusive 4-Piece Fitted Sheet Set costs $612 and is offered in California king, king, queen, twin, and full sizes.

    Who Is LilySilk Perfect For?

    This LilySilk review must be candid: although being nominally unisex, this brand is mostly targeted towards women because to the far larger selection of women’s alternatives than men. Not to mention the substantial bedding area, which, let’s face it, caters more to women.

    Despite this, LilySilk’s collection for men (which includes shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts) is all appealingly understated, and the silk shine lends these wardrobe essentials a standout touch. The fact that the firm obtains its textiles ethically is a bonus, and silk has been found to have many positive effects on your skin.

    Comparison - LilySilk vs. Manito Silk

    In order to provide you with a more comprehensive analysis, our LilySilk review compared our featured brand to another participant in the luxury silk market. Similar to LilySilk, Manito Silk is a Chinese company that has worldwide shipping hubs and offices to cater to a global customer.

    Manito is dedicated to a more ethical method of conducting business, just as LilySilk was formed with the aim of correcting the price gouging and subpar labor conditions and pay that were a hallmark of the silk industry. A certificate from the Chinese federal government honors the company’s efforts to reduce poverty among silk growers.

    But when it comes to the actual products, there are some obvious distinctions between the two brands. For starters, Manito exclusively offers sleepwear and bedding, but LilySilk offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories.

    Even more of a difference can be seen in the brands’ different pricing ranges, with LilySilk clearly being on the “cheap” end of the spectrum. For instance, Manito charges $1,325 for a duvet cover, but LilySilk only $265 for a similar item. Similarly, Manito charges $200 more for a full-length set than LilySilk does.

    In conclusion, LilySilk is far cheaper than both of these products (and then some).

    Customer Reviews

    We bypassed the intermediary and went directly to Trustpilot, a review website that is quite reliable, to begin investigating client reviews, like the lily silk website does.

    Based on an astounding 10.8K individual evaluations, LilySilk has received a “Great” overall Trustpilot rating of 4.2/5 stars. Let’s look more closely at each product to see how it performs, starting with the 22 Momme Seamless Silk Duvet Cover, which receives a near-perfect rating of 4.9/5 stars from 84 reviewers.

    All purchasers agreed that this cover offers excellent value for the money and were astounded by how comfortable it is. We’ll just give one extremely succinct typical example here because so many of the comments were in the same vein, “OMG AMAZING!!!!”

    In our LilySilk review up there, we spent a lot of time discussing the sleepwear and bedding; now, let’s talk about some of the clothing in this department. Based on 28 reviews on Trustpilot, the V Neck LilySilk silk camisole is rated an excellent 4.6/5 stars. While some buyers experienced minor size difficulties, everyone was amazed by the piece’s high craftsmanship.

    “I received my two v-neck camisoles — one black one ivory — and the quality is beautiful — double lined and the nicest silk,” wrote one buyer. “I am 5’8″ and 145 lb. with a 34B chest and I bought the Medium. Nice hang and drape. I like this style since I want to wear a regular bra with this cami.”

    Another standout item was the long-sleeved LilySilk silk shirt, which received 4.5/5 stars from 29 customers. Despite the fact that some customers were a little leery of the slim fit (and others made unhelpful comments like “Expensive”), the great quality was evident once more.

    One critic stated it bluntly, “Beautiful shirt that feels light [as a] feather. First time I reached work without sweating.”

    The striking V-neck LilySilk silk dress receives 4.4/5 stars out of 11 reviews at the LilySilk shop on Amazon. Customers were quite complimentary of the brand’s customer service in addition to the bold design and exquisite silk shine.

    One reviewer started, “I wanted a nice silk dress at an affordable price. Here it is. The dress arrived sooner than expected, and the color is a vibrant, beautiful red. It is supremely comfortable and smooth as silk is expected to be, and the price did not leave me in the hole either.”

    “The seller, of whom I requested a size change last minute, took care of everything and had boxed it up nicely with assurances, easing my troubled mind. I would definitely buy from this seller again. Highly recommended.”

    So, Are They Worth It

    By responding “Hell yes!” to the aforementioned question, we really hope that our LilySilk review doesn’t entirely lose its air of unwavering professionalism. The clothes from this firm is understated yet stunning, and the vast majority of consumers have praised the silk’s plush texture. Not to mention how absurdly affordable the pricing points are for such high-quality goods.

    Furthermore, compared to goods created from synthetic fibers, LilySilk’s materials are ethically produced, sustainably sourced, and have a longer shelf life. This LilySilk review can firmly state it again: sure, this brand is worthwhile in light of everything said above as well as the regular promotions and markdowns seen across the brand website.


    Where is LilySilk headquartered?

    The corporate headquarters of the company are in Nanjing, China. However, as this LilySilk review said above, there are regional offices and shipping hubs spread around North America, Europe, and Asia. The US headquarters is located in Diamond Bar, California.

    Where does LilySilk come from?

    China is where all LilySilk goods are made. The mulberry plants are the source of the silk.

    What sizes is LilySilk available in?

    The size range varies according on the product, but in general, LilySilk’s clothing for ladies and men comes in sizes XXS to XXL. Usually, bedding products come in sizes ranging from twin to California king.

    Their shipping policy

    For all deliveries, LilySilk provides free delivery on purchases of $50 or more. Orders with a lower value will be charged a fixed $10 shipping cost.

    A confirmation email for your order will be sent to you once it has been processed. You will receive a second email with a tracking number when your order is completed, which typically takes 1-2 business days. With this number, you may trace the progress of your package.

    The following delivery timeframes apply…

    2-4 business days in the USA.

    UK: 6 to 8 business days.

    3–4 business days in Canada.

    Australia: 6 to 8 working days.

    Singapore: 4-5 working days.

    Other nations: 4 to 10 business days.

    Their return policy

    Within 60 days after the original purchase, unused products may be returned for a refund. For US customers, LilySilk will pay the shipping costs for the first return; all additional returns will be the responsibility of the buyer. Underwear, face masks, personalized, monogrammed, and clearance products are all excluded from returns.

    Consult the brand website’s returns page for a step-by-step procedure on how to begin a return. The following address should be used for returns for US orders…

    LilySilk Bedding

    556 N. Diamond Bar Blvd., Ste. 207

    Diamond Bar, CA