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New Customer Offer! Get 10% Off On Your First Order

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    Shop Skincare Sets With 15% Straight Discount

    Shop Skincare Sets With 15% Straight Discount
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    SALE!! Enjoy Upto 30% Off On Sale Items

    SALE!! Enjoy Upto 30% Off On Sale Items
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    Get 10% Flat Discount On Duo Sets
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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From £9.49

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From £9.49
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    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As £7.49

    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As £7.49
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  • Real Results with Facetheory

    In order to assist you take care of yourself, this Facetheory review focuses on your face and skin. Clean skincare products are available at Facetheory, and they try their best to match the right product for your skin type. They are 100% cruelty-free and mix botanical extracts with potent active ingredients. That suggests high-quality skincare!

    Continue reading to see why Facetheory could be the ideal brand for you if you are worried about the environment, your skin, and animal welfare.

    Cleansers, scrubs, masks, cloths, brushes, tools, Facetheory night and day creams, eye care items, cosmetics, lip, hand, and body products, organic face oils, serums, and toners are just a few of the skincare items sold by Facetheory.

    SLOAN Magazine and BuzzFeed both feature in-depth articles about Facetheory, and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram, where they have a combined 47k and 73.1k followers, respectively.

    In order to help you determine if Facetheory’s skincare products are perfect for you, this review will take you on a thorough tour of the company, its most well-liked items, customer testimonials, promos, and more.

    Jamie Shuker launched Facetheory in 2015. The goal of Jamie and his team was to create the greatest clean skincare products and sell them at competitive rates all over the world. All goods are unscented by default. However, you can add a smell to some of them.

    Facetheory mixes powerful active ingredients like Retinol and Vitamin C with herbal extracts like Green Tea and Chamomile. Since the brand is all about sustainability, single-use plastics are no longer used.

    Their goods are delivered to you in 100% recyclable aluminum tubes and amber glass jars with aluminum caps. Additionally, Facetheory only employs the necessary quantity of biodegradable packaging.

    Facetheory’s headquarters are in Sheffield, England, and all goods are produced there. Don’t worry, though; they ship to more than 40 nations, including the US and Canada.

    Simply by taking the Facetheory quiz, you may design a unique regimen. To get started, just select “BUILD ROUTINE” from the menu at the top of their webpage. There are six questions in all, and you will receive the answers through email for your records.

    Come along with us as we investigate if the brand lives up to the hype. Here are some of the highlights this Facetheory review uncovered before we get into some of their best-selling titles:


    1. Both vegan and animal-free.
    2. Most goods lack scents.
    3. Natural plant components combined with active compounds.
    4. Create a regular quiz to help you choose the goods that are best for you.
    5. Some goods can be ordered with a delicate smell.
    6. You can test out a product for 365 days.
    7. Many favorable customer testimonials for Facetheory.
    8. Ships to more than 40 nations.
    9. Eco-friendly packaging
    10. Absence of single-use plastics.


    1. Not every product is marketed in North America.
    2. Several complaints about delivery schedules.

    In order to improve your skincare regimen, Facetheory provides a variety of goods, including cleansers, scrubs, masks, towels, brushes, tools, night and day creams, eye care items, cosmetics, lip, hand, and body products, organic face oils, serums, and toners.

    In order to determine whether their products are suitable for your skincare requirements, this Facetheory review will examine their best-selling items.

    Cacay Oil brightens, hydrates, and prevents early aging indications on the skin. Sounds opulent. Additionally, you won’t have an unwelcome greasy film or an uncomfortable sheen on your face. Bonus!

    The majority of skin types, including sensitive, mature, dry, and combination skin, are advised to use cacao oil. Cacay oil is a thin, dry oil that is made in Columbia from kahai nut trees. It has a greater retinol concentration than rosehip oil and more Vitamin E than argan oil.

    Cacay Oil is packaged in an amber glass container with a dropper for precise application. Warm up two drops in your hand by rubbing your hands together. After that, apply the oil to your neck and face. It may be applied both alone and under moisturizer. Start doing your anti-aging magic, Facetheory.

    Cacay Oil comes in 3 fl oz/10 ml bottles and costs $39 a bottle. Alternately, you may get two bottles for $65 (rather than the original cost of $78).

    When using the Tamanu Oil provided by Facetheory, there is no need to be concerned about that greasy feeling. You’re left with fresh-feeling skin that has a dewy appearance. The oil is suggested for the majority of skin types and offers additional hydration for dry and sensitive skin.

    The Tamanu Oil has a light, nutty scent and calms and softens skin. It may be used to treat eczema and rosacea, as well as stretch marks, scars, and dry skin. As an after-sun oil, it also performs well.

    The Tamanu Oil’s active components and how they impact skin are listed below…

    1. 100% Organic Tamanu Oil is a pure oil made from the seeds of a Southeast Asian tropical evergreen. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities in addition to being high in antioxidants.
    2. A fat-soluble vitamin that aids in hydrating your skin is Natural Vitamin E. Additionally, it lowers UV damage and fights contaminants.

    Tamanu Oil is packaged in a dropper-equipped amber glass vial to save waste. There is hardly any need to use any at all. Warm two drops of oil between your hands after squeezing two drops into your hand, then apply the oil to the face, neck, and/or body. To seal in the advantages, apply it alone or under moisturizer.

    The price of the 3 fl oz/100 ml bottle of tamanu oil is $17. You have the option to buy two bottles and save if you’d like. Two bottles are now available for $29 at retail instead of the previous $34 price.

    At the same time that you regenerate your skin, protect it from the elements. Your skin feels smooth and moisturized after a brief period of rapid skin absorption with the Regena-C moisturizer. It’s like covering your face with an imperceptible calming shield to shield it from the elements. This review of Facetheory is craving some right now!

    The Regena-C Moisturizer is suitable for the majority of skin types and is mild enough for use around the eyes. This Facetheory moisturizer has the following active ingredients…

    Aloe Vera – may moisturize and calm your skin.

    Argan Oil – may be used to treat stretch marks, blemishes, and scars.

    Ferulic Acid – Help to stop the harm that free radicals can do.

    Hyaluronic Acid – helps maintain hydrated, supple, and smooth skin and to aid in the absorption of active substances.

    Retinol (Retinyl Palmitate) – To speed up skin cell regeneration, reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, and tighten pores.

    Shea Butter – for calming and nourishing dry skin.

    Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) – It’s used to combat free radicals and lessen environmental harm.

    Vitamin E – To moisturise your skin and protect it from UV deterioration.

    You may buy scented or unscented cleaning products. Mandarin essential oil from cold-pressed mandarins is found in the perfumed Regena-C Moisturizer. When using, dab a little bit of the product over your face and make sure to massage it into your skin in an upward circular motion.

    The 1.7 fl oz/50 ml glass jar of the single-serving Mandarin-scented or unscented Regena-C Moisturizer costs $18. Alternatively, you may get two jars for $30, which is a discount from the original price of $36.

    Use the most popular Clarifying Cleanser to deeply cleanse your pores and exfoliate your skin. Look at the advantages provided by the active components in this Facetheory cleanser…

    Avocado – rich in fatty acids that are quickly absorbed by the skin and antioxidants.

    Lactic Acid 1% – exfoliates the skin by dissolving the glue holding skin cells together.

    Salicylic Acid 2% – Resurfaces your skin and regenerates skin cells, leaving it soft and radiant.

    Glycolic Acid 4% – By dissolving their bonds, glycolic acid (4% concentration) exfoliates cells.

    Sweet Almond Oil – A non-volatile, un-fragranced, and un-irritating oil is sweet almond oil. It is made from almond seeds and is fatty acid-rich.

    A 180ml bottle of the Clarifying Cleanser typically lasts two months since it contains a high concentration of active ingredients.

    For congested, acne-prone, combination or oily skin, the Clarifying Cleanser is advised. To wash your face, spritz it with tepid water, then massage in a pea-sized quantity of facial cleanser. After letting it sit for a minute, rinse it off.

    Both an unscented and scented cleanser are available from Facetheory. Cold-pressed mandarin essential oil is present in the fragrant cleanser. Both cleansers are available for $16 and come in a 6 fl oz/180 ml glass container. Or, instead of paying the full $32 fee for two jars, you may just $27.

    Porebright Serum

    With this product, you may minimize pores, lessen redness, and gradually lighten your skin. Reduce photoaging, level out skin tone, safeguard the moisture balance of your skin, and lessen the appearance of acne lesions. Is this it? It almost sounds like this Facetheory bottle has a genie.

    The Porebright Serum was created for the majority of skin types, including sensitive, mature, and oily or combination skin with enlarged pores. Aspects of this Facetheory serum include…

    Aloe Vera – It moisturizes and calms your skin.

    Azelaic Acid – To eliminate acne-causing germs, use azelaic acid. Recommended for skin discoloration and mild acne.

    Niacinamide (Niacin Vitamin B3) – It aids in minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores.

    Sodium Hyaluronate – It helps hold onto or protect moisture.

    Retail price for one 1.0 fl oz/30ml bottle of Porebright Serum is $19. Alternatively, you can pay $32 instead of $38 for two bottles. Apply a few drops of Facetheory serum to clean, wet skin, paying special attention to imperfections including fine wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmented patches. It’s crucial to stop using if irritation develops.

    Customer Reviews

    On each product page, the Facetheory review discovered user reviews. You’ll find a handy REVIEWS section at the bottom of any product page if you scroll down.

    We looked more closely at the Tamanu Oil reviews on the Facetheory website. Out of 177 customer reviews, it scored a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers were pleased with the product’s quality and how it improved their minor acne, dry skin, and scars. Although some customers felt it smelled more like puréed broccoli, others like the mild nutty aroma. However, we’ll let you decide that.

    Then we looked through Influenster’s evaluations of the Clarifying Cleanser. There are 25 reviews for this product, the lone one from Facetheory, and it has a rating of 4.7/5 stars. The majority of comments in the reviews said that the cleanser was excellent in removing makeup, minimizing pollutants, and moisturizing. Overall, the responses were overwhelmingly favorable.

    This Facetheory study then looked to Reviews.io, where there were 22,901 reviews and the brand had a 4.76/5 rating. 97% of these clients say the brand is worthwhile. One client said audaciously, “The items do what they claim on the package!”

    Customers praised Facetheory products for their high quality and low cost, saying that a little goes a long way. However, we did locate at least one 1-star review where the delivery took almost a month, and we’re not sure if they actually received the merchandise. The website claims that customers receive deliveries on time 99% of the time.

    Facetheory has received 1,048 reviews on Trustpilot, with an aggregate rating of 4.7/5 stars. Customers are satisfied with delivery schedules, costs, product quality, and customer support. Unhappy consumers complained about skin rashes, never receiving their packages, and the product’s thick and sticky nature.

    Does FaceTheory Actually Work?

    There is a sizable amount of favorable user reviews for Facetheory. Many consumers are satisfied with the items’ quality, the outcomes they got, the cost, and the turnaround periods. Those who complained about the brand claimed that the product’s quality wasn’t great and that they had problems with delivery and skin irritations.

    This Facetheory review searched Instagram for some Facetheory before and after photos in search of further evidence. We weren’t let down! The Facetheory toner, serum, and cream are the evidence. Look more closely at these outcomes that were documented.

    How well-received are Facetheory products? Yes. Facetheory: Is it organic? Yes. Completely cruelty-free and vegan, with fantastic results from satisfied clients. There are several benefits to using Facetheory skincare, as this review of the product has shown.

    This Facetheory review contends that despite not all products being appropriate for all users and skin types, their goods are still worthwhile. Facetheory is dedicated to offering its clients high-quality skincare products that are made with natural, expertly created components that work for a variety of skin types and problems. In spite of the assertions of the detractors, many people have reported success with these products.


    Does Facetheory help with acne?

    Yes, Facetheory is suitable for skin that is prone to acne. For acne on the face, some of their products utilize jojoba oil, while others use argan oil. Acne can be treated using jojoba oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities. Argan oil is used to cure various forms of acne and controls the quantity of sebum in your skin.

    Is Facetheory vegan and free of animal testing?

    Facetheory is completely cruelty-free and vegan. They don’t sell to markets that demand animal testing, nor do they test any of their materials or completed goods on animals. Finally, none of the chemicals in Facetheory come from animals.

    Their shipping policy

    Facetheory costs $5 for 3-5 day US shipping that is traceable. For purchases of $40 or more, shipping is free. There are no customs fees to pay, and shipping is handled by FedEx or DHL.

    For orders above $50, international shipping is free or costs $10. Facetheory orders often do not incur customs fees, but this cannot be guaranteed. There can be a fee if the order’s total is high. The business ships to more than 40 nations, including Canada. To find out if they deliver to your nation, go to their website.

    Their return policy

    Facetheory has a great deal of faith in its goods. Customers get 365 days to test out their purchases. Send an email to help@facetheory.com if you wish to return something, and they will handle the refund processing for you.

    The business has the following return policies…

    1. They do not provide samples. In a calendar year, Facetheory only permits one return per product.
    2. They retain the right to refuse future business from you and claim that their goods are inappropriate for your skin.

    The cost of delivery is not refunded. Over the course of a year, Facetheory gives a maximum refund cap of $150. Only a 30-day return period is provided by Facetheory for Magnitone and other cleaning brushes. If the product turns out to be flawed after 30 days, you must get in touch with the manufacturer.

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