Pleated Jeans Outfits. Pleated jeans were quite the thing back in the eighties. Our moms probably rocked them like nobody’s business, pairing them with oversized sweaters, Converse, and fluffy hairdos.

Lucky for us, this is fashion and whatever has been done before will be done again. So it is no surprise that pleated jeans are BACK and as long as they are around, why not hop on the trend and give your Mama’s ’80’s fashion style a try for yourself?

How to Wear Pleated Jeans?

Now, before we go any further, let’s touch base on what pleated jeans actually are. You might be picturing a long seam running from waistband to hem but this isn’t always the case. A lot of the time, pleated jeans are just regular style jeans with a short pleat (or pleats) running from mid-calf to hem or waistband to mid-thigh. It’s a subtle touch that takes average denim to a new level.

So, without further ado, let’s get into all the ways you can style these bad boys, plus where you can find them to get yourself a pair!

Women Pleated Jeans Outfits – 7 Ways to Wear Pleated Jeans

As with any trend, the item in question will probably end up on the racks of your favorite clothing stores… eventually. But in the era of lockdowns and worldwide pandemics, it’s helpful to know where you can find them online, or, to save you time, what stores carry them so you can knock time off your shopping ventures and get right to business. Here are six places where you can buy pleated jeans:

  • Anthropologie
  • ASOS
  • Shopbop
  • H&M
  • Revolve

Tips for Wearing Pleated Jeans

Let’s get real for a second. Adding the odd pleat to jeans, which are already a difficult clothing item to size perfectly, can make things a tad more complicated. How do you rock them without adding unnecessary width or bulk to your frame? How do you wear them in a way that feels modern and trendy? Well, check out these five tips on wearing pleated jeans that should help you out.

If you have never worn pleated jeans before, but you are game to try them, start with a lowkey pair that doesn’t feel too showy. You’ll want to feel comfortable and like yourself while wearing them.

High-waist pleated jeans seem like the best option for most body shapes as the close fit around the waist ensures you get some semblance of a shapely figure. Paper bag style is also recommended as they will really cinch the waist and draw the focus up and in… even as those well-placed pleats add some extra roundness to your hip region.

There seem to be two trendy style tops to pair with these jeans. You can go for a bodysuit to balance out the excess fabric on your lower half. Or you can tuck in a blouse-y style top which may puff out a little around your chest but should remain cinched in around your waist to keep that shapely silhouette.

#7. Laidback Street-Style Leather Blazer

If you love a laidback, street-style look that can work as much for creative work meetings, coffee dates, and travel, this is the outfit you have been waiting for. From pleated boyfriend jeans to a loose leather blazer, this outfit is chic without trying too hard, comfy without looking sloppy, and just edgy enough to make you feel like a true icon while wearing it. It has all the elements we love and then some!

#6. With a Wrap Top and Heels

With pleated jeans, you aren’t stuck with just blue denim. You have options! And these white pleated jeans (said to be a dead-ringer for Australian designer label Aje’s $295 palazzo pants) are one of the best. This elegant-chic look is great for date night, dinner parties, and other semi-dressy affairs. You can dress it up or play it down: either way, these pleated jeans are the bomb dot com.

#5. With a Tucked-In Tank Top

These jeans are so cute, you won’t mind wearing them in summer (or you won’t mind as much!). We love the addition of a wide belt to really draw the eye in. Pair with a tucked-in tank or bodysuit and have fun coordinating pops of color into your look. Finish off the whole ensemble with some metallic gold heels, hoop earrings, and a mini crossbody purse.

#4. Ultra-Glam Style

Wondering if it’s possible to style an ultra-glamorous outfit with pleated jeans? The answer is a big fat YES. We are half in love with this whole look, from the cropped hair to the bell-shaped sleeves and the incredible gold heels. It’s all about the little details with this look: so a teeny, tiny braided belt for the waist, gold hoop earrings, and matching heels are must-haves. Go full glam with your makeup (if you like makeup, that is) and let your trendy jeans do all the talking.

#3. With a Cardigan & Mules

If you love a laidback London-girl vibe, this is the look for you. Perfect for feeling cute, even when you are staying at home or having a night in, this ensemble will have you feeling comfy, too. Ditch the tight-fitting tees for a soft v-neck cardigan and pair them up with some slouchy pleated jeans. Shoes are optional. If you aren’t feeling heels, try little white sneakers or some flat-heeled mules.

#2. Gray Jeans with Pleated Hem

A less common type of pleated jean has the pleated hem as well… and you can see here how cute they look! This is a more close-fitting pair that doesn’t add too much bulk to the hip and thigh arena, which is perfect for petite gals. Pair up with a sleeveless mock-turtleneck top, loafers, and a big tote bag. You can throw together this outfit in less than five minutes, which gets big points in our book.

#1. With Open-Front Sleeveless top

Last but certainly not least, we have a casual-chic outfit, perfect for any day of the week!

The Final Word

What you wear with pleated jeans will really boil down to your own unique sense of style, what you are comfortable wearing, and how trendy you like to be.