“KUIU: Pioneering High-Performance Gear for the Ultimate Outdoor Experience”

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Sale! Enjoy Upto 60% Off On Sale Items

Sale! Enjoy Upto 60% Off On Sale Items
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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting As Low As $29.00

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting As Low As $29.00
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    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting From Only $49.00

    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting From Only $49.00
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    Our Hunting Apparels Collection Starting As Low As $20.00

    Our Hunting Apparels Collection Starting As Low As $20.00
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    Our Hunting Equipment & Accessories Collection Starting As Low As $6.00

    Our Hunting Equipment & Accessories Collection Starting As Low As $6.00
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    Signup & Get $25 Off Your First Order Over $149+ Purchase

    Signup & Get $25 Off Your First Order Over $149+ Purchase
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  • Hunting gear is done well by KUIU. Its assortment of performance-driven clothing and equipment rivals conventionally constrictive, subpar gear.

    Gear for the hunt is made with insulation, breathability, and adverse weather in mind. It also makes you look nice while you’re out hunting.

    Over 630k people follow KUIU on social media, making it a very well-liked brand. Several well-known outdoor and active lifestyle journals, including Men’s Journal and Outdoor Life, have also covered it.

    All right thus far? Please wait till you finish reading this KUIU review. Following, we’ll focus on the company, providing all the information you want regarding its best-selling clothing and equipment, customer reviews, specials, and more.

    Jason Hairston is the first character in the narrative of how KUIU came to be. If you recognize the name, it’s probably because he played briefly in the NFL before quitting at the young age of 24. Hairston held a number of occupations both before and after his football career, and they all taught him one thing: he adored sales.

    He started KUIU in 2011 using his desire to succeed as a business and his lifelong shared hunting experience with his father and sibling. His goal is to provide hunters with effective, cheap gear that meets their high-tech requirements without the need for a modest debt.

    Hairston intended for their range of hunting equipment to be offered exclusively online in order to keep costs down. The company gives tutorials on the ins and outs of hunting attire and is extremely open about the materials it uses and the gear it makes.

    Hairston died away in 2018 at the age of 47, but his commitment to hard work and dedication is still felt inside the organization. This KUIU review is being written with respect for Hairston and a love of everything that tenacity may accomplish. Here are some of its highlights…


    1. Numerous options for men’s hunting equipment.
    2. Fabrics that are clever and useful.
    3. Contains a wealth of details regarding the textiles and features.
    4. Hunting materials and instructions.
    5. Offers specials and deals.
    6. Shipping worldwide.
    7. Lifelong guarantee.

    KUIU is constructed like a high-performance sporting goods company with a passion for hunting. You’ll discover a hefty selection of clothing and equipment designed with top-notch features and textiles that pull their own weight, providing all the needs for a smooth and steady hunt.

    Although this business offers a wide range of products, the focus of this KUIU review will be on their clothes and packs. Let’s go on.

    No matter what time of year it is, KUIU apparel is for the hunt. You’ll find the brand’s best-selling goods below, with top-rated clothing that has been put through rigorous testing, to help you complete your next adventure.

    Every item produced by the business is long-lasting and covered by a lifetime warranty.

    Shirts have the power to make or destroy your day. Others are just too flimsy, and the incorrect one makes you hot and messy. The KUIU technology Nuyarn, a form of Merino wool that stretches better, wicks away more moisture, and delivers more warmth than conventional Merino wool, is used in the Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T Hunting Shirt.

    This outdoor necessity fits like a glove, offers UPF 50+ protection, and aids in keeping your body cool when not needed and heated when needed. The S-3X KUIU Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T Hunting Shirt is $99 and is offered in eight distinct colors.

    What seems to be a stylish, everyday jacket is actually one that is made to keep you out of the elements. The KUIU Guide DCS Jacket has a four-way stretch to let you to move freely when trekking and is wind and water resistant.

    Eight color variations of traditional KUIU camouflage and solid colors are available in sizes S-3X, all of which are intended to let you blend in outdoors.

    Technically speaking, it has a DWR coated Primeflex softshell to ward off rain and chills and six pockets in total for storing supplies and warm hands on chilly evenings.

    This lightweight, noiseless jacket is a no-brainer for the cooler months because it was ergonomically designed for a fantastic fit. The cost is $239.

    Though it appears straightforward, the KUIU pant collection is everything but. Its selection of base layer bottoms, insulated bottoms, and waterproof bottoms is deliberately built with your comfort and mobility in mind.

    This KUIU review will introduce you to the two most popular pants from the company for year-round use, which are available in sizes 28–42 with standard, short, and tall fit choices.

    Your favorite pair of track trousers won’t hold up to the rugged terrain that hunting will take you into. Lightweight Toray Primeflex and spandex for breathability and movement were used to create the KUIU Kutana Stretch Woven Pant, which was designed for hunts throughout the early to mid-season.

    These trousers have a ton of flexibility without sagging and have exceptional tear-resistance to withstand rugged terrain. You can pack less since the cargo pockets are cleverly packed, and they won’t get in the way as you go through the bushes.

    A few coats of MAKSPEC and DWR are applied to the fabric of Kutana to prevent smells and withstand moisture. You can get a pair in one of seven different colors for $159, and they are made to withstand everything the hunt throws at you.

    The brand’s most well-liked item to date, this pair has been tried and true by individuals who enjoy the outdoors and hunting. The KUIU Attack Pant is so named because of its strength and straightforward design, two qualities that are useful when it’s time to take action.

    You’ll get a ton of stretch and flexibility with the zip-open vented Primeflex fabric, as well as a cooling breeze to keep things pleasant. No wind or rain can get through thanks to the DWR coating on top.

    Eight pockets on the front and back, all of which are brushed on the inside to prevent chafing, are available for storing your favorite accessories—even if that only means a pocket full of chewing gum that has been certified by hunters. For $139, you can get a pair in one of 11 various hues and designs.

    Some hunts can go on for days, therefore you need to be prepared to survive them. KUIU packs are designed to sit comfortably on your back while assisting you in carrying everything.

    We’ll go through the best-selling packs from the company up ahead, which come with the backpack itself as well as a carbon fiber frame, suspension straps, and hip belt compartments.

    So you require a little extra room, huh? To assist, we provide the KUIU Pro 3600 Full Hunting Pack Kit. The pack that comes with this package has 3,600 cubic inches of space, which makes it huge yet necessary for lengthier trips lasting 1-3 days.

    You can transport your meat effortlessly since there is an additional 2,500 cubic inches of room between the bag and the frame. Given that it includes a carbon fiber frame to lift the burden, PRO Suspension to bring your pack up and closer to your body, and PRO Hip Belt Pouches to keep necessities close at hand, easy is the word of the game for this kit as well. The package is yours for $509.

    The KUIU PRO 2300 Full Hunting Pack is designed to assist you in transporting all of the meat from your successful hunt. If you’re going on a lengthy hunt, you can also keep your optics and extra gear in this area, which has a load-sling mode and can hold 2,500 cubic inches of meat.

    The package contains the PRO 2300 bag, which has a ton of compartments, and a carbon fiber frame, which weighs only 11 ounces but is designed to support you when carrying heavy objects. You will also receive PRO Hip Belt Pouches to hold devices or ammunition at arm’s reach in addition to PRO Suspension straps with adjustable hip belts.

    For $489, you may get the Pro 2300 Full Hunting Pack Kit, the ideal travel companion.

    Is KUIU Perfect For You?

    If “luxury” hunting equipment existed, KUIU would be it. This brand caters to serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who demand more from their clothing and is made from quality, high-functioning materials that have been put to the test.

    KUIU was created to be effective for all kinds of hunting. Its clothing and gear are up to the demands of experienced hunters who push the limits and require gear that can keep up in order to adequately prepare you for the trail (or thicket) ahead.

    Customer Reviews

    It’s sort of crazy how many compliments KUIU has received. Your reservations about internet buying can be dispelled by the overwhelming volume of 5-star evaluations the website has received both on and off of it. Since KUIU was developed to provide direct online customer service, the large number of favorable evaluations already demonstrates that consumers are satisfied.

    In this portion of our KUIU review, we’ll show you a few different comments gathered from various online sources to give you a better idea of the brand’s products and the whole purchasing experience. Starting with some evaluations from its own website…

    Attack Pant – 5/5 stars from 8,509 reviews.

    Guide DCS Jacket – 5/5 stars from 5,861 reviews.

    Kutana Stretch Woven Pant – 5/5 stars from 1,552 reviews.

    Ultra-Merino 145 Zip-T Hunting Shirt – 5/5 stars from 1,192 reviews.

    Buyers of the Guide DCS Jacket report that it fits both men and women quite well. It hugs your body regardless of your size due to the materials and workmanship, so should you need to burst into a run, it will also move with you. Regarding its advantages, a user’s KUIU review stated the following…

    “Very light. This is an incredible jacket. Windbreaker and waterproof (up to a certain amount of rain) and very comfortable. And one important feature; does not make noise when rubbing. Probably the best garment I have ever owned.”

    In the world of hunting, when giving up your location means you’ll return home empty-handed, this jacket’s lack of noise is crucial. Others concur and claim that it is unquestionably cozy, adaptable, and fantastic in adverse weather.

    We visited a KUIU review on a blog called Hunting Gear Deals to learn more about another of the company’s best-selling items, the Attack Pants. It revealed: Regarding their design and how it enhances challenging hunting situations…

    “I’ve worn these pants without a layer underneath from temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to the mid-70s. They were plenty warm on those chilly mornings in the turkey woods, and they wicked moisture incredibly well during my earlier summer scouting sessions.”

    No matter where you are, it’s important to stay cold or warm, but being outside in nature is very important. In regards to the trousers’ capacity to repel water, the KUIU customer feedback added, “Speaking of rain, the DWR coating on the Attack Pants seems to be top-notch.”

    On every website we saw them listed on, these pants have received rave reviews. We completely see why they’re so popular because they offer everything a hunter might desire in a pair of trousers (comfort, toughness, waterproofing, stretch, and a nice fit).

    In order to acquire a general impression of the business, we looked to the brand’s Facebook page. With 1,014 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars, it’s easy to say that it’s a beloved brand in the hunting world. One KUIU review summarizes typical criticism as follows, “The best gear there is. I am a customer for life. Their gear lets you hunt harder for longer.”

    Others have praised the clothing’s excellent fit, durability, and waterproofness as well as the outstanding customer service. As far as we can tell, consumers adore the KUIU brand. Its equipment exceeds other products on the market and is praised for its excellent quality.

    Are They Trustworthy?

    We came up a few complaints on the brand’s Facebook page that discussed sluggish shipment and return procedures.

    We went to KUIU’s Better Business Bureau website to check if there were any other frequent complaints you should be aware of because this was a small percentage of consumers.

    On its BBB page, there are just 3 complaints over the last three years. That suggests that KUIU takes care of client complaints before they feel the need to escalate them, which is good news. In other words, it demonstrates excellent customer service and enables us to state with certainty that KUIU is unquestionably authentic.

    So, Are They Worth It?

    You’ve probably worn hunting gear before if you’re reading this KUIU review. You likely came here looking for durable apparel since your current gear is baggy and underwhelming.

    We can conclude from all we’ve discovered here that KUIU’s most definitely does. Serious hunters and those searching for high-performance outdoor gear adore its stylish selection. This is a situation where “you get what you pay for,” with pricing that correspond to its performance.

    The appropriate equipment may make or break your hunting experience, therefore it may be worthwhile to spend on items that will enable you to travel farther, quicker, and stealthier.


    Do they ship internationally?

    Hunting supplies from KUIU are shipped all over the world, including to New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and Germany. Click on the flag in the top-right corner of the website to switch to your home currency and start shopping.

    Depending on how much you spend, shipping rates for foreign deliveries range from $16 to $90; the more you buy, the higher the delivery prices.

    Their shipping policy

    KUIU uses USPS to deliver orders within the United States. Customers in the contiguous US will have many shipping choices at checkout, all of which have varying costs based on how much you purchase.

    • Standard – $6 to $25.
    • 3 Day – $12 to $50.
    • 2 Day – $20 to $60.
    • Next Day – $35 to $80.

    Orders are dispatched through Standard delivery for a fee ranging from $6 to $35 to Alaska and Hawaii. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your item has been shipped, along with a tracking link you can use to monitor its progress.

    Their return policy

    Since KUIU exclusively does business online, it stands to reason that occasionally you might need to return something. If you ever have to create one, keep in mind these fundamental details…

    1. The procedure can be started in 60 days.
    2. All tags on your purchases must be present and in brand-new condition.
    3. Final Sale goods are not returnable or exchangeable.

    The steps to make a return are as follows…

    1. Go to the returns portal after signing in to your account.
    2. Pick the things you wish to send back and explain why.
    3. Choose your delivery option (a charge of $7.50 will be taken from your refund if you use the prepaid return label).
    4. Choose the refund method of your choice (store credit or credit card)
    5. If applicable, print the label and affix it to the exterior of your return package.
    6. Deliver the item to UPS.