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Either your jeans are too baggy or too skinny. You might never find your soulmate jeans in this lifetime. But thank your lucky stars for guiding you to this page! The Good American Jeans review will give you a detailed insight into the brand’s merch and why people love it!

Overview of Good American

Good American was launched in 2016 by Emma Grede, an English fashion industry expert and professional celebrity Khloé Kardashian. The co-founders were inspired to start the company after having unsatisfactory personal shopping experiences where they had to adjust jeans to get the correct fit for them.

Good American was formed on the concept of giving denim options that suited to a “curvier, sexier, and stronger figure, and was first a denim-only business. Grede and Kardashian expanded their business line to include sportswear and other clothing in 2018, as the brand’s popularity skyrocketed.


  • Apparel is available in sizes that are not available by most leading brands.
  • Sustainable manufacturing technologies are used to create an eco-conscious denim range.
  • Women’s empowerment, diversity, and inclusivity are top priorities.
  • Klarna offers instalment payment arrangements for international shipping.
  • Free delivery on orders above $125.


  • The pricing is relatively high.
  • Plus-size selections at Good American Jeans cease at size 24 (a 47.5-inch waist); therefore, there are no 4X or 5X alternatives.

Please note that you can also buy Good American sportswear, dresses, and pants, as well as Good American shorts, jackets, blazers, and shoes. The brand also came up with a non-medical, reusable Good American denim face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Boy Jeans

The Good Boy is a vintage-inspired high-rise denim pants with a faded, ice blue wash. And a subtly and stylishly distressed appearance. It caters to curvy bodies with its flat tummy technology, a Good American term for the stretchy core panel that keeps everything within place while still allowing for comfy movement.

Womens Good Boy Jeans

These jeans also have a “gap-proof waistband,” which relates to the four-piece trouser waistband that wraps your form and prevents your jeans from pleating and scrunching. The size bracket for this product is 00-30, but several sizes are currently on backorder, including the 00 going all the way up to the larger sizes from 24-30.

Always Fits Good Waist

This denim has a skinny fit with a defined waist and distressed knee caps, a zip fly with a button clasp, and a classic five-pocket design and is available in a medium blue wash or blue grey wash.

It’s also part of Good American’s Responsible Denim collection, which means it’s made from recycled materials and produced with less water and energy.

Good Waist Crop

Like all stretch jeans in the Good American denim collection, the deep-blue Good Waist Crop is made with recovery fabric, allowing for more wear between washes and keeping the shape longer. They’re skinny and high-rise, with a gap-free waistband and that signature “flat tummy tech” to define your waistline.

Good Waist Crop Raw Edge

The Good Waist Crop is available in sizes 00 to 24, and now is a great time to get them: usually $149, they’re currently marked down 46 percent to $79 with Good American $50 off first order!

Good Legs Jeans

This super-skinny model of the Good American Good Legs denim style will have the exact fit and manufacturing as its sisters, but with added stretch to hug your shape. Its minimalist design and dark blue wash make it easy to dress up or down, making it suitable for casual office wear and classy date-night wear.

Good Legs Raw Hem

The Good Legs, available in sizes 00-24, has another great selling point: it is on the lower end of the Good American price range. These comfy everyday jeans are available at $99!

Good Flare Twisted Slit

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how stunning this style looks on the model?  What a pair of jeans that hugs you in all the correct spots! The Good Flare Twisted Slit jean is a little stylish, a little sexy, and a little boho, with middle peekaboo-style ankle cut-outs that are perfect for showing off a cute pair of high heels while also contouring your ankles to make you look a little taller.

Good Flare Twisted Slit

The single, distressed back pocket adds a stylish tinge of aging to these jeans, which combine a vintage wash with a sophisticated flare style. The Good Flare Twisted Slit jeans are made of 92 percent cotton and are extra soft. They are available in sizes 00-30 and cost $169.

Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit

The fitted Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit allows you to put together an entire look with the least effort, letting you look amazing with minimal effort. This tank-style jumpsuit features a dark blue wash, a square bodice, and strappy open back, flare bottoms, and a long waist size to make your legs appear longer.

Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit

The Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit has a slight stretch, making it comfortable while still holding and moulding your shape. The lace-up straps at the back make the top completely adjustable, allowing you to tailor the fit to your bust.

The Final Word

While many people may be drawn to this brand solely because of the Kardashians, this Good American Jeans review has given enough evidence to conclude that the products themselves are the brand’s main selling point. According to good American denim reviews in major fashion magazines, the jeans are true to size and do what they say they will. Good American also has an empowering social message and avoids fast fashion by striving to be more environmentally friendly.