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Limited Time Offer! Get 50% Off Your Order Sitewide

Limited Time Offer! Get 50% Off Your Order Sitewide
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    SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On Sale Items

    SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On Sale Items
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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $12.00

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $12.00
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    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $18

    Shop Our Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $18
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    Shop Our Accessories Starts From $3.00
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    Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $100+
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  • You Only Get One Life, So Let's Make It Pretty

    Draper James is an assemblage of the one and only Reese Witherspoon’s Southern origins and her love of fashion. This clothes store combines summery cottage style with a hint of ancient grandeur. On their website, you may get a variety of stylish fits for dresses and sleepwear.

    Given their star-studded past, it should not be surprising that Draper James has over 851k Instagram followers. Naturally, several media publications, such as Daily Mail, Glossy, and WWD, also discuss their designs.

    Despite the fanfare, is this company deserving of a “hot chase” or is their “rendition” of Southern belle fashion just another uninspiring copy? To determine if it’s worthwhile to check out Draper James, continue reading as this review digs deep into the business, its collection, customer reviews, promos, and more.

    Reese Witherspoon’s backstory definitely tops all other celebrity backstories in terms of charm and sentimentality, in my opinion. Draper James was founded in the spring of 2015 to pay homage to her Southern roots and her ancestors. You may credit William James Witherspoon and Dorothea Draper for teaching Reese some of their elegance, wisdom, and manners.

    Reese’s childhood was filled with a vivid assortment of white Cadillacs, driving gloves, pearl necklaces, backyard gardens, and freshly made biscuits, as she recalls. It has a classic elegance that one would identify with the 1940s.

    She founded Draper James in Nashville, Tennessee, in an effort to relive the nostalgia and romanticism of her youth. The firm is renowned now for its extensive assortment of retro blues and antique shapes. Their stores may currently be found in a number of locations, including Birmingham, Beaufort, and New Orleans.

    If you review Draper James’ corporate purpose, it is clear that they are not a celebrity cash grab, “Our goal is to bring contemporary, yet timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and your home, no matter where you live. We hope you will stop in to see us often—our door is always open.”

    Here are some early highlights before we begin our Draper James review…


    1. A huge selection of fashionable fits to pick from.
    2. Has a storefront for sales on its website.
    3. Offers afterpay as a different method of payment.
    4. Customers that use catch to make payments can receive credits.
    5. Working with girls. Inc. Is a nonprofit company.
    6. For purchases of $100 or more, delivery is free.

    Star-studded companies typically capitalize on the talents of its celebrities. It is the promise of achieving a bootylicious body for Kim K’s Skims. The goal of JLo Beauty is to get the “Jenny from the Block” radiance.

    A love letter to Reese Witherspoon’s Southern belle upbringing, Draper James is no exception. Wearing Reese’s fashionable fits will give you a sense of Nashville’s 1940s elegance in anything from vintage blues to dresses with gingham prints.

    Dresses, street clothes, shirts, sweaters, and jackets are all part of Draper James’ wardrobe. The brand’s range of home furnishings and décor likewise has a cottage-like vibe. For now, this Draper James review will merely feature a few of their best-selling choices for readers to take into account. Let’s get going!

    The fundamental aesthetic of Draper James has a romantic quality about it. Don’t be shocked if you daydream of gorgeous picnics at Folly Beach and late-May peach picking while wearing summer skirts or nautical-striped shirts. If that appeals to you, the business provides clients with a vast array of dresses, shirts, coats, and sweaters to pick from.

    This Draper James review has included a few of our favorites that are deserving of a second look below…

    Speaking of nautical style, the ocean blue design on the Kelsea Sweatshirt in Awning Stripe evokes the romanticism of yacht sailing. Since it is composed of 100% cotton, you would wear this type of shirt throughout the cooler summer months. The Kelsea’s loose silhouette and traditional shape virtually demand to be paired with loungewear.

    This Draper James review suggests pairing the $74 Kelsea Sweatshirt in Awning Stripe with white drawstring joggers, fuzzy slippers, and a warm weighted blanket for a chilly, lazy day look. It has drop sleeves and blue ribbing.

    The Nautical Stripe Crewneck T-Shirt delivers the glitz of summertime sailing without going all out “ahoy matey.” The pastel design on this vintage-inspired shirt contrasts white and pink.

    Given that it has a breathable crew neckline and short sleeves, it is the ideal shirt for balmy July afternoons. A number of shoulder plackets in gold-tone may be seen on either side to provide further intricacy.

    It’s made entirely of cotton, which is unquestionably preferable to sweaty polyester during heat waves of 30 degrees. For a timeless, vintage style, we highly recommend teaming the $68 Crewneck T-Shirt in Nautical Stripe with a pair of paper bag denim shorts and a matching headscarf.

    There will be no wind and a humidity of 28 degrees in the forecast. Since you skipped leg day, your usual leggings feel too formal, and shorts are out of the question.

    The Linen Tie Waist Pants are the ideal balance for individuals seeking a breezy full coverage option amid oppressive heat. When wearing this bad boy out, you won’t have to worry about sweat stains or chafing.

    Additionally, it has an elasticized waistline and a self-tie for ornamentation. I’m sure the Linen Tie Waist Pants would look great with a boat neck, a shoulderless tank, and some strappy shoes if you’re searching for styling advice. It was originally listed for $98 but is now only available for $75.

    The Draper James dress collection makes me think of charcuterie boards with pals, summer garden parties, and lemonade stands. This Draper James review will highlight some of the label’s top options on their website, from smock gowns to turtleneck neck beauties.

    In a scene from The Queen’s Gambit, Beth Harmon would look amazing wearing the Shania Smocked Dress in Blackwatch Plaid. With its green and black design, this summer-inspired dress aims to be flirtatious and feminine while also evoking a sense of retro style. It also has a tiered bottom, a square neckline, and ruffled sleeves for added flair.

    The Shania Smocked Dress in Blackwatch Plaid will work well with a silk headscarf, closed-toe kitten heels, and hoops if you want to go full 1960s. Customers can currently get this antique gem for just $69 as opposed to the previous $95 markup.

    The picture of fall sophistication is the Turtleneck Knit Dress in Ribbon Flower. This midi-dress is traditionally styled yet features a lovely pattern of red and white peonies strewn throughout.

    It has slim-fitting bodice, smocked cuffs on the sleeves, and a lovely, flowing skirt. The Turtleneck Dress is a great choice to wear to dinner parties or art gallery displays because of its understated style.

    The $98 Turtleneck Knit Dress in Ribbon Flower, which is composed of a spandex and viscose combination, luckily has some give if you ate too much at dinner. Style-wise, wearing this gown with a pair of black shoes and gold-toned jewelry would do wonders to bring out its attractiveness.

    Looking for a glitzier option for your outdoor barbecue? If so, the Tiered Tank Dress in Shimmer Dot offers just enough sparkle without being too overpowering.

    This magnificent show-stopper, which has a smock bodice, ruffle sleeves, and a tiered bottom, needs the enchantment of fairy lights to reveal its real splendor. It has a design made up of thousands of rainbow dots.

    Given the somewhat daring style of the $150 Tiered Tank Dress in Shimmer Dot, we advise playing it safe by donning a pair of black strappy shoes and wearing little jewelry as an accessory. Oh, and may we also advise wearing a waist belt to assist define your figure?

    A line of clothes called Draper James offers a novel interpretation of the classic Southern belle. You won’t find any corsets or hoop skirts here, so don’t be concerned. Instead, a variety of nautical stripes, gingham plaid patterns, and vintage pastel blues are used to pay respect to timeless designs.

    The Turtleneck Knit Dress in Ribbon Flower, for example, is a fall-appropriate fit. They undoubtedly cater to summery trend.

    Customer Reviews

    You may anticipate that Draper James, a celebrity-owned company, would have hundreds of positive online reviews. Unfortunately, we were only able to locate a small number of reviews provided on both the company’s own website and other websites.

    Let’s start by examining the ratings given for the best-selling products from the company…

    The Crewneck T-Shirt in Nautical Stripe – 8 reviews with 4.3/5 stars.

    The Kelsea Sweatshirt in Awning Stripe – 16 reviews with 4.3/5 stars.

    The Turtleneck Knit Dress in Ribbon Flower – 12 reviews with 5/5 stars.

    The Tiered Tank Dress in Shimmer Dot – 4 reviews with 5/5 stars.

    So far, it seems that Draper James receives a perfect grade for both quality and design. They are undoubtedly self-confidence builders because their clothes and blouses looked great on them. Consider the opinion of one delighted client who left a positive review for the Turtleneck Knit Dress in Ribbon Flower.

    “The fabric is perfect for winter, as well as the design itself,” one customer shared. “I got lots of compliments! It goes great with some black tights and Oxfords. It also seems true to size.”

    “This dress perfectly combines a put together look with comfort,” One critic provided details regarding the Tiered Tank Dress in Shimmer Dot, “I love that the straps are adjustable and that it has pockets. The rainbow is subtle enough, but just right to make it fancy for a night out.”

    Several evaluations of Draper James were found on websites including Yelp, Womply, and the Better Business Bureau. The general consensus is still favorable, however it’s best to let the ratings speak for themselves…

    Yelp for the brand’s Nashville location – 94 reviews with 3.5/5 stars.

    Womply for the brand’s Nashville location – 328 reviews with 4.1/5 stars.

    The Better Business Bureau – 19 complaints with 10 cases closed.

    “We were greeted at the door with small cups of sweet tea and enjoyed conversation with the staff throughout our shopping experience,” one Yelp user shared. “I tried on a few items and settled on an adorable dress. I was so pleased that the sizing went up to 3x in the store.”

    This Draper James evaluation felt it was preferable to rely on independent blogs like Sunshine Style for more in-depth analyses. The store, in the author’s opinion, had great material quality and fashion sense.

    “Out of all the clothes I have bought this year, I have to hands down say the Draper James dress I ordered is the highest quality item I have purchased in a while. From the fit and style to the material and pretty packaging,” writes Sunshine Style.

    A noteworthy evaluation of Draper James clothes was also posted by other bloggers, including With Wonder and Whimsy. The brand’s plus-sized division, in the author’s opinion, is something to be admired.

    According to a comment released by With Wonder and Whimsy, “Their styles run true to size, and their extended (plus) size offerings are truly cut for fuller figures…the (Sweater Dress in Jacquard Tulip) is such a chic and charming dress. It really exemplifies the Draper James brand: feminine, flirty, and still so ladylike.”

    Reviews of the brand’s level of customer service appear to be conflicting. When customers visited their businesses in person, several of them reported having pleasant experiences. Others reported problems with shipment, purchase cancellations, and refund requests. However, since there are so few unfavorable reviews online, you may exercise caution.

    So, Is It Worth It

    Draper James manages to stand on its own despite having celebrity support because of the brand’s distinctive style. Although southern belle style is nothing new, it has mostly been overlooked.

    You can see that in pieces like the Shania Smocked Dress in Blackwatch Plaid and the Crewneck T-Shirt in Nautical Stripe, which the shop manages to combine in a pleasantly novel way.

    Draper James is in the middle of the price range. Although they aren’t overly pricey, you should plan to spend more than $50 on a t-shirt. Overall, this Draper James review heartily urges you to check them out if you’re a lover of airy, lovely, and classic fashion aesthetics.


    Do they ship internationally?

    Unfortunately, this Draper James review discovered that they only provide domestic shipping. Crossing our fingers for future expansion of their locations.

    Their shipping policy

    This Draper James review is pleased to note that free delivery is available on purchases of $100 or more. Anything less will result in a $9 charge. Customers may also pick from additional delivery choices like 2-Day and Next Day from them.

    The company will send you a confirmation email and a tracking number so you can keep tabs on the progress of your order.

    Their return policy

    Customers have a 20-day option to return any unwanted items to Draper James. Buyers will regrettably have to pay $7 for a shipping label, which will be subtracted from their refund. As a result, returns made to one of their physical stores or a Happy Returns Bar location are completely free.

    Cosmetics, hair accessories, final sale items, and customized goods are excluded from their policy. Customers must utilize the return function offered by draperjames.com in order to start this procedure.